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Musical Numbers

Best Broadway Musicals of the 21st Century

Broadway musicals since many decades have been on a long run of piling up its audience and if someone was to compare the love for this art 50 years ago and now, there would hardly be any difference. Consider it as an opera or a classical, the desire has sustained and even gained momentum and will continue to do so as it always has been. Writing a musical is not the only task. Clubbing it with singing, dancing and incorporating it piece by piece adds up to a complex play which then produces that scintillating effect in the theatre. You can buy discount theatre tickets on

Starting off with “Falling Slowly”, music by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. The theme basically wraps up the idea of love in first sight. A man making music on the street encounters a classy woman with her regular lifestyle. It basically ends up expressing love for someone they barely know.

Following up is another hit named “Those You’ve Known”, composed by Duncan Sheik, this goes out for people who have lost a loved one and offers that divine light which breaks through the tangles that have been binding them to their past.

Brian Yorkey and Tom Kitt’s “Next to Normal” depicts the love that is present between family members, through their past till the present. In this hit, a mentally and clinically unstable mother leaves her husband for a better treatment somewhere far away. The husband is left in shock after this but as he sings through, he understands the situation that his wife has been dealing with. The best part about this musical is the story can be interpreted from all the ways and it quite open.

The next number comes from the movie “Rent”. Arranged and composed by Jonathan Larson, a diverse community comes up together to express their sadness on the death of a common friend who belonged to their community. It stages that everyone of us has a limited time here and the ticket to death is certain for everyone. Make the best out of our time allotted.

If anyone is familiar with the movie Wizard of Oz, the song penned down by Stephen Schwartz highlights this moment when two best friends decide to part their ways for the good of each other and now share a moment to express their gratitude for each other. It really ends up touching and tells what is it to be and have a true friend.

The list will go on and on forever and the new ones will keep adding up themselves on this list too. Clearly this piece of art allows everyone in the theatre to be a part of it and experience the moments again which they already have at someone point of time.