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Detroit Shows Promise

Two reasons why the Detroit Tigers will win the World Series

Bean Speculation is actually quite true and makes sense to most who are analyzing the speculation in greater detail.The Detroit Tigers are going to win the Fourth World Series according to the word that has leaked so far, thanks to a number of reasons that increase their chances. Just as to anything, there must be doubts about the performance level and how they are going to meet up with the expectations but the kind of preparations that they have already done it is certainly not too hard to believe that they might be the next champions. If you think positively about the Tiger’s chances, you might also find it necessary to purchase sports tickets to go and watch live action with your fellow fans. Here are two reasons onto which the hopes of the Tigers are tied.

1. The Starting Rotation

Bear in mind, that the Tigers have the best starting pitching staff than any other team in the American League even without Fister in the rotation. This spring, Justin Verlander just proved beyond any conceivable doubt that he has fully healed from an off season surgery. He even seems poised to match the very success that he found in 2011 en route to an AL MVP award. The welcoming back of the league’s reigning ERA champion Sanchez and Cy Young Award winner in Anibal Max Scherzer further gives the Tigers one of the best 1-2-3 combo in baseball. If we rule out any injury for the duo, then they should certainly assist the Tigers in winning their fourth World Series in 2014.

2. The Lineup

Arguably, the Tigers is actually one of the only teams’ with the most potent lineup in their division even without Fielder. The power source is almost very sure of taking a hit without Peralta or Fielder in the order. Thankfully, the Tigers have this off season revamped with their offense in bid to complement their spacious ballpark dimensions. Outfielder, Rajai Davis and second baseman Ian Kinsler’s addition to the team provides the Tigers with the much needed speed to a team that last season in stolen bases lead to finishing last. If you are still not convinced that the Tigers are going for their fourth championship in 2014, you should consider purchasing sports tickets to catch the live action and see for yourself whether the stark and smart moves made the team and player adjustment are worthy for winning the medal or not.