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2014 San Fran Predictions

Predictions For Upcoming San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers are scheduled to play against various teams that are expected to prove to be quite a huge challenge. Even if the team has put up good performances in the past few games, most of their opponents have reinforced their squads and the competition is anticipated to be tougher due to the 49ers’ predictability. Some of these upcoming games will no doubt motivate fans to buy San Francisco 49ers tickets so that they can attend these games which are expected to be quite entertaining.

One of the toughest games that 49ers are due to play is the game against Kansas City Chiefs. The importance of this game is that Chiefs will be led by Alex Smith, who apparently spent his first seven seasons with the 49ers before moving to the Chiefs. Smith had led them to a 11-5 record. This means that Alex understands 49ers very well including their weaknesses which he and his team are expected to exploit and prove to be some tough competition unless 49ers work out a fresh strategy unknown by Smith. However, if the 49ers win this particular game, the confidence level is bound to boost. This victory can act as a cemented basis which will provide them with the necessary mental strength to do well even on the other tough games that will follow.

Another highly competitive game that the San Francisco 49ers will be playing is their game against Washington Redskins. This game will be particularly tough because the Redskins have invested in buying some of the best players in the game. The players are expected to improve their performance immensely. Some of the players they bought are extremely experienced and hence will be able to adopt fast on the needs of the team while some of the other new players are new and upcoming talented players who have great potential. Therefore, this game is expected to make fans buy San Francisco 49ers tickets in large numbers so that they can watch their team play tough against an unpredictable team.

The 49ers are also anticipated to have issues with some of their new players trying to adapt to the team. The team recently released Donty Whitner and Dashon Goldson who were experienced players and who became All-pros while still playing for the team. Their departure might create a large void if the new players are unable to adapt fast enough. But, if the team applies good tactics and plays with confidence, then they are expected to perform well on their upcoming games.

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AFC Champs

Pittsburgh Steelers – A cut above the rest

The year 2013 was considered as one of the better ones for the Pittsburgh Steelers who put in a string of steady performances in the last edition of NFL. The Steelers apart from being one of the oldest franchises in the AFC have also been one of the most decorated ones having won more Super Bowl titles and AFC Championship Games than any other NFL team. This team is very popular all around the globe and some famous people are its most passionate fans. You will be surprised who also likes The Steelers.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have geared up for the forthcoming season and have been pretty busy during the pre-season free agent transfer season having signed up no less than seven players despite the crippling salary cap. Having acquired the services of high profile players like Mike Mitchell and the hero of last season LeGarrette Blount is bound to be a shot in the arm for the 2009 Super Bowl Champions and at least on paper has further bolstered their chances of a strong performance this season. They truly prepare a lot, that’s the reason why they are so good.

The Steelers have always been blessed with fanatic fan following with President Barack Obama being one of them. Their fans give them mental power which often can be extremely helpful, just like a one good player. Fans can get their hands on some cheap Pittsburgh Steelers tickets which are now available online on their own official website. The Steelers will be up against their traditional rivals the Cleveland Browns and would strongly desire to continue with their long standing dominance. They would also like to extend their rivalry and gain an upper hand over their divisional rivals the Baltimore Ravens and the Oakland Raiders with whom they have shared many an acrimonious battle on the pitch over the years.

Only time will whether the Black and Gold brigade would be able to do justice to their pre-season billing of the favorites and whether they will be able to continue with the decimation of their opponents. Do not miss a chance to get those cheap Pittsburgh Steelers tickets to the legendary Heinz Field and support your heroes. They are already up for grabs!! If you belong to a widespread fun base of the Steelers then do not wait any longer and get your ticket as soon as possible. Hurry!