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NL West Winners?

Giants Likely To Capture The NL West Again

From some of the major follow up action on the team of San Francisco Giants, its fans really enjoy watching Tim Lincecum pitch at the ground. Tim has won the Cy Young in the past and his shots are definitely neat enough to justify his title and achievements in the game. Many Giants fans that have been watching older versions of the game repeatedly note that Tim Lincecum takes the mound with surprise and vigor. Matt Cain may not get the same number of headlines as other members of the pitching staff, but Cain certainly does bring an incredible level of consistency to every season which is the secret of any sportsman success.

Gregor Blanco has been helping with the youth movement that is needed in San Francisco. It is time for them to stop leaning completely on their pitching staff in order to win ball games. Buster Posey does a good job managing the staff as a field general, but he has also been injury prone in the past. If you want to see Posey take charge, then it makes complete sense to buy SF Giants tickets and witness it first hand.

A solid fielding percentage is one of the biggest reasons why the Giants have had a lot of success in the recent years. A player like Joaquin Arias continues to develop and the infield instructors for the Giants have been working with Arias in order to make sure his fielding percentage stays level and solid. The Colorado Rockies are a team that may be ascending in the NL West currently. If you want to see some great battles between the Rockies and Giants then there could not be a better time to invest and buy SF Giants tickets that are now available. A beautiful ballpark in San Francisco is another reason to go out and see the team, after all the best of the players and the most scenic grounds are actually a killer combination for die hard fans that must not be missed out on.

Hunter Pence and Angel Pagan certainly bring a certain level of consistency to the Giants outfield. Pagan still has a lot of speed that he consistently brings to the table. Pagan can go through slumps at the plate, but the team has been able to work through those slumps in the past and grew out of it with certain winning shots. Pagan really can patrol the outfield with the best of them and thus, prove to be an asset for the team.